DSA Justifications 

Supports short term memory 

Students can quickly formulate their essays by writing down everything they think of immediately without the worry of forgetting important pieces of information or having to remember the essay structure. Essay Writer’s mind mapping feature allows the user to minimise ‘thought bubbles’ which can be used as a memory aid when reciting the hidden information recurrently.
Students can also input relevant deadlines onto specific maps and essays as a reminder.

Improves structure 

Students can manipulate their essays freely in different views. They can simultaneously view their written document and mind map using the split-screen option which not only helps highlight the overall structure of their essay, but it can also help the user engage in both elements of essay writing and create the links between the map structure and essay write up.

Increases productivity 

As students are quickly able to get many ideas down instantly using the ‘create ideas’ mode, they will be able to adopt a more efficient way of working. This tool also allows for more time to be spent on organisation and further developing thought processes. 

Referencing support 

Instant referencing tool
Inputting resource references to assist with references for books, journals, websites, and images.   

Instant essay output 

The split-screen view allows for a ‘live preview’ of what the final essay will look like once exported. Exported files can be saved as a word document or a PDF file.

Reduces stress and anxiety around essay writing 

Helps students overcome ‘blank page’ difficulties and allows them to plan and write essays in their own way. A built-in phrase bank also helps to get started with paragraphs and offers appropriate expressions.  

Manages information 

Large amounts of information can be split into manageable chunks. Larger essays can be structured quickly and easily by simply moving the branches.  

Reduces distraction 

Helps to keep focus on certain parts of the essay but also allows for the user to jump between subjects without needing to switch between applications.  

How Essay Writer can help 
students with SPLD's


Blank page difficulties 

Students can create a starting point just from their own ideas. It is easier to see how ideas connect and where they can grow. This approach gives the flexibility to get ideas down, and then add a more linear structure at a later point.

Struggles with organisation 

Using a mind map can allow the student to easily organise tasks, ideas, and information in one visual display. Essay Writer is streamlined between map and text view so students can visualise how their work is organised in both views. Ideas and paragraphs can be moved at any time of the essay writing process.   

Complications with reading 

Essay Writer makes it easy to break down information into manageable sections using the mind mapping feature, but also increases reading ability by having the information displayed on the same screen simultaneously using the unique split-screen view. 

Slow processing speeds 

Students can break down the information, put it into their own words and display it in a clear and concise manner, thus, making it easier to process and understand.

Difficulty sequencing sentences and paragraphs 

The integrated phrase bank helps students develop their sentence structuring skills. Essay Writer also has a paragraph highlighting tool which shows the user the start, middle and end of the paragraphs; students will visually see if their words tally up to the identifying colours.  

Time management 

Students can break tasks up into manageable chunks and implement 'deadline bubbles' to prompt when each draft should be handed in, as well as the final copy. 

Weak working memory 

Essay Writer eliminates the need for the user to remember where they were when piecing together their essay and allows for all ideas to be put down in one place before they have been forgotten. 

Retaining information 

Students can use Essay Writer as a memory aid by creating flash cards and memory maps to be able to return to the same information later without worry. 

Complex information is challenging 

Categorising information into smaller and more manageable pieces helps students simplify extensive and detailed information. Coupled with images, this can help make gathering the information needed to complete their essays, much easier to achieve.


Visual learning style 

Essay Writer is an interactive visual learning tool which allows for a fluid mind mapping approach to linear essays and eliminates the threat of blank pages. In mind mapping mode, students can design their essay to a way in which works for them.


Difficulty with notes in lectures 

Students can create quick, visual note ‘bubbles’ during lectures which promotes quick note taking. Additionally, it simultaneously provides a memory tool and is the start of their research/project. 

Literacy difficulties 

Essay Writer’s comprehensive academic phrase bank helps students get started with paragraphs, and appropriate expressions. 

Students becoming overwhelmed 

Students can break down their ‘to-do’ tasks into more manageable and achievable goals. They can approach a large assignment in smaller sections to reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed by workload.


Essay Writer can be used to focus on what the student does well, and they can break down the certain subjects that they are worried about to make this more manageable. 

Dyspraxia & Dyscalcula 

Extra concentration required for the writing process means thread of thought is lost 

Students can create templates and quick brainstorms to then organise later and therefore, they do not need to concentrate on their writing abilities at the planning stage of their essays. 

Messy workspace 

Essay Writer keeps everything in one place which allows for a sporadic approach to research and writing.

Poor filing system and losing work 

Students can utilise colour co-ordinating systems and create digital files in a way in which works for them. Using colours is a quick and easy way to create a system that is user friendly. 

Lose focus 

Essay Writer allows the student to make their own choices and work on whichever section of their essay that they choose, and sections can be flicked between quickly and easily.

Lack of engagement 

Students can create small sections and are able to pick and choose which area of their essays they would like to work on; having the flexibility increases user engagement.  

Struggle with dexterity  

Using a digital software eliminates the need for pen and paper but allows for a way of working that isn’t just typing into a word document.

Difficulty with counting 

Students can use the split screen view to develop their skills with numerical information. Such skills can be developed by working with the views in tandem or separately depending on individual learning styles.

Linear structures are hard to follow  

The fluidity of the mind maps allows for a visual way of working. Having the split-screen view also helps to develop their skills to be able to approach linear assignments with less difficulty.

Difficulty navigating back and forth along a number line

Students can use the mind mapping tool to move around a timeline in a more interactive manner and create a visual tool which helps support their place and concentration.

Issues with recalling number facts 

Essay Writer’s ‘idea bubbles’ can be used as flash cards to improve memory and revise information quickly.

Problems understanding mathematical concepts such as speed and time

Numbers can be displayed in different ways to encourage understanding. Essay Writer also supports numerical development by encouraging users to approach mathematical concepts in ways they feel more confident. 


Difficulty with handwriting 

Using a digital assistive technology software will eliminate the need for handwritten notes and will allow thoughts and ideas to be more accessible and readable to the user.

Weak letter formation dexterity

Auto-capitalisation, text sizing and the option to work with short notes in mapping mode, reduces the difficulties with writing up notes or longer essays.

Poor filing system and losing work 

Students can utilise colour coordinating systems and create digital files in a way in which works for them. Using colours is a quick and easy way to create a system that is user friendly. 

Lose focus 

Essay Writer allows the student to make their own choices and work on whichever section of their essay that they chose, and sections can be flicked between quickly and easily.


Short attention span 

Essay Writer allows the user to switch between tasks without the worry of losing all previous work or keeping in line with a structure; they can reorganise all information afterwards. Students can easily return to their work should they become disengaged. 

High levels of distractability 

All information is readily available in different visual formats to keep the level of engagement up.

Can act impulsively and erratically 

Student are able to get all ideas down to then delete any information that is irrelevant later; this allows for an erratic working approach but also keeps the structure and important information.   

Irlen's Syndrome/ Visual Stress

Words move around the page/merge into one/rivers appear 

Essay Writer works with a split screen design which breaks up large amounts of text and allows the user to focus whilst reducing the visual effects of Irlen’s Syndrome.

Bright white backgrounds can be problematic

A screen masking tool is available for either the workspace or the full screen. Essay Writer also has a ‘high contrast’ mode and an ‘invert’ mode to eliminate any visual stress from stark backgrounds. 

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